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Tomm Moore, Song of the Sea, 2014

Song of the Sea

24 Jul 20152 Aug 2015

Oscar-nominated for his magical The Secret of Kells, Irish director Tomm Moore again uses his lavishly poetic hand-drawn style and beguiling watercolour backgrounds to create this mystical tale. Ben is the ten-year-old son of grumpy widowed lighthouse keeper Conor. Mute since birth, his younger sister Saoirse is a selkie – a human on land but a seal in water. The siblings are sent away from their home on a remote Irish island to live with their strict grandmother in the city.

They manage to escape, and embark on an enchanted quest to recover Saoirse’s magical cloak that transforms her into a seal. Along the way they encounter all manner of fairies and otherworldly creatures, their entire adventure animated with a subtle beauty virtually unique within the genre.

Song of the Sea Official US Release Trailer - Irish Animated Movie HD

Song of the Sea, dir Tomm Moore, Ireland/Denmark/Belgium/Luxembourg/France 2014, 94 mins.

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