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John Maclean, Slow West, 2015

Slow West

26 Jun 20159 Jul 2015

★★★★ "Michael Fassbender kicks off a run of tasty roles as a deadly gunslinger in this brilliant western."
Time Out

Dark humour pervades this gritty Western as naive teenager Jay Cavendish, played by Kodi Smit-McPheewhose role in The Road may have prepared him for these harsh landscapes peopled by harsher characterssearches for his estranged sweetheart, who, alas, has a price on her head. Rescued from a vicious bandit, and henceforth accompanied by Silas, a roughneck drifter with an agenda all his own, Jay eventually learns what it is to be a man in an unyielding world.

John Mclean, whose 2009 short Man On A Motorcycle also featured Fassbender, writes and directs his first featureshot in New Zealandwith a keen grasp of dramatic reversal and the visual majesty of the Old West, to gripping and quietly magnificent ends.

Slow West | Official Trailer HD | A24

Slow West, dir. John Maclean, UK/New Zealand 2015, 84 mins.

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