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Sex Positive: A Night of Film + Fiction

12 Jan 2008

Short films that evoke and provoke in the spirit of Kathy Acker:

Fuses, a ground-breaking silent film of collaged and painted sequences of love-making (Dir Carolee Schneemann, US 1964-67, 25 mins)
Baby Doll, a documentary portrait of two go-go dancers (Dir Tessa Hughes-Freeland, US 1982, 5 mins)
Random Acts of Intimacy, with Isla Fisher and Sara Stockbridge (Dir Clio Barnard 1998, 15 mins)
Nymphomania, a joyous revision of the female stereotype (Dir Tessa Hughes-Freeland, US 1994, 9 mins)
Darling International, an erotic exploration of sexual fantasies (Dir Jennifer Reeves, MM Seera, US 2000, 22 mins)


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E.g., 25-10-2017