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9 Nov 20072 Jan 2009

"At a time when big corporations are absorbing and crushing any trace of an independent voice within the arts.... from the images on our television screens, to the internet, the books we read, the words pouring from our radios, the music we listen to, even the theatres and dancehalls we frequent (and on and on)... any venue that offers some kind of resistance however small should be considered such a huge breath of fresh air. The ICA has been a sanctuary for the smaller voice for many years and is offering through the refurbishment of its cinema, a way for the independent film maker to be heard.

"Independence in the arts is so very difficult to hold on to. The ICA is trying to offer us just that. It needs your help."

Tim Roth

The ICA is working with Film4 on cinematICA - a fundraising initiative to raise at least £300,000 to refurbish our cinemas and pay for a continuing dynamic film programme. Through our 60 years, the ICA has earned an unrivalled reputation for bringing bold, brave new visions and voices to public attention.

Among the features, shorts, documentaries, artist films, animation special seasons and contextual activities and discussions, we introduced Jean-Luc Godard to the UK and played a pivotal role in the careers of such influential film-makers as Terence Davis, Isaac Julien, Jan Svankmajer, Wayne Wang, Zhang Yimou, Derek Jarman, John Maybury, Cerith Wyn Evans, Wong Kar-Wai, Abbas Kiarostami, Lars von Trier and Takeshi Kitano. This extraordinary legacy continues: this year we have supported such films as Iraq in Fragments, Favela Rising, I for India, Jesus Camp and The Yacoubian Building.

CinematICA is aimed at encouraging both public and private investment in the future of ICA Cinema and will present a special series of opportunities to include a special monthly public screening in conjunction with a director, writer or actor, gala screenings by high-profile artists, directors, writers and actors, and opportunities to join cinematic legends past, present and future by 'adopting' a cinema seat.

If, over the course of the ICA's existence, our cinema programming has continually shifted its focus of attention - from French New Wave to the Far East to the Middle East, and from Queer Cinema to politically charged documentary - then this is only a reassuring indication that film at the ICA is continuing to do what it does best. And that's to provide moments of reflection, disquiet, surprise and pure, dizzying exhilaration.

Do you enjoy and want to support...

  • A 'Cinema of Ideas' - movies that stretch the definition of entertainment to deal with politics, the arts, human rights, the environment and sexuality?
  • A comprehensive programme of feature films and documentaries from all over the world?
  • Work from some of the most creative artists in the 20th century?
  • Avant-Garde, experimental and student work?
  • Experiments in cinema with live acoustic and electronic music accompaniment?
  • Formal and informal education activities for many different audiences?
  • In depth panel discussions, masterclasses and director Q&As?
  • Exclusive special previews, retrospectives and specialist festivals?
  • Good Food and Drink - a fully licensed, vibrant cafe bar serving from a menu of high quality beverages, lunch, dinner and snacks?

If so, you can get involved with CinematICA in a variety of ways:


E.g., 23-10-2017
E.g., 23-10-2017