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Oussama Fawzi, I Love Cinema, 2004

Safar: I Love Cinema + Intro

23 Sep 2014

Cairo, 1966 and seven year old Naeem lives for the cinema, dreaming of becoming a director. Naeem’s strict, traditional Christian father, Adly, regards the silver screen as sinful although his mother, who once abandoned a career in art, stands up for her son. Narrated by the 40-year-old Naeem, Oussama Fawzi’s compelling, atmospheric film looks back on childhood in Cairo’s Shubra district, and how a boy managed to create his own breathing space amid a stifling family environment.

I Love Cinema was released in Egypt amidst a wave of controversy with its view of Christianity prompting a lawsuit from Coptic clerics. However, Egyptian audiences judged the film on its artistic merits, and packed into cinemas, making the film an overnight success.

Presented in partnership with the Egyptian National Film Center

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Egypt | 2004 | Dir: Oussama Fawzi | 124 mins | Cert: 15


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