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RSSF 2012: Pushing Boundaries

13 Jul 2012

Eva's Film Main Titles directed by Dvein (Dvein) 01:49 Spain

Dirt Devil - The Exorcist directed by Andreas Roth (Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg) 03:36 Germany

Weyland Talk - Ted 2023 directed by Luke Scott (RSA Films) 03:08 UK

Golden Age - Somewhere directed by Paul Nicholls (Factory Fifteen) 04:35 UK

Dynamic Blooms directed by Tell No One (Skin Flicks) 03:00 UK

Shift directed by Jimmy Yuan (Mirari & Co.) 00:43 Australia

Good Books - Metamorphosis directed by Buck (Friend)

Light directed by Sunday Paper (Rokkit) 01:27 USA

Tate directed by Double G Studios 00:50 UK

Felixs Machines - Quake directed by Tom Mansfield 02:45 UK

Shift directed by Max Hattler 03.00 UK

Soulwax - Machine directed by Saam Farahmand (The House Of Curves) 02:22 UK

T4 Robots Rebrand directed by Grant Gilbert, Tom Robinson (@Doublegstudios) 00:34 UK

Release Your Imagination directed by Stuart Bailey,Alexis Van De Haeghe (Realtimeuk) 00:43 UK

Sloths directed by Punga (Not To Scale) 00:30 UK

Birds On A Wire directed by Steve Scott (Not To Scale) 00:30 UK

The World is Where We Live directed by Samuel Abrahams (Smuggler) 00.40 UK

This Is Brighton directed by Caleb Yule (Caleb Yule Pictures) 03:52 England

Chivas Regal 25 directed by Alon Ziv + Shay Hamias (Film Club) 03.08 UK

Jack Daniels 'Tenessee Honey' directed by Pete Candeland (Passion Pictures) 00:30 UK

Resonance Undirected directed by Multiple Artists (Sr Partners) 01.43 Worldwide

Grindin’ directed by Rogier Van Der Zwaag (100% Halal) 02:50 Netherlands

Inductance directed by Physalia/Gerardo Del Hierro (Physalia Studio) 01:21 Spain

Sibling AW12 directed by Sam Renwick & Thomas Bryant 02: 15 UK

Natural Beauty directed by Lernert & Sander (Blinkart) 03:00 UK

Geometric Porn directed by Luciano Foglia 00.57 UK

Re:ax AKA Peace Starts With Me directed by Max Hattler 01:29 UK

Skin Deep directed by Dario Attanasio & Dominik Danielewicz (After Dark Prod) 00:51 UK

Honda 'Cannonball Run' directed by Dan Sumich (Passion Pictures) 02:10 UK

Generation To Generation directed by Eran Hilleli (Xyz Studios) 01:02 Australia/Israel

Spectrum directed by Art & Graft (Art & Graft) 04:09 UK

The Witcher 2: Assasins Of Kings (Cinematic Intro) directed by Tomek Baginski (Platige Image) 03:53 Poland

Todor and Petru directed by Crcr (Friend) 02:03 France

Beat It directed by Andrew Harmer (EntertainingTV) 01: 47 UK

Amnesty - Break The Law Of Silence directed by Crcr (Friend) 01:08 UK

Back To The Start directed by Johnny Kelly (Nexus Productions) 02:20 UK

Mahahula: The Giant Rodent of Happiness directed by NOMINT (NOMINT) 00:45 GREECE



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