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Regarding Susan Sontag + Q&A with film director Nancy Kates

24 May 2015

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Nancy Kates, hosted by Jo Blair.

Opening with her saying “I love being alive”, this documentary about the celebrated American novelist, filmmaker, critic and feminist Susan Sontag then turns to commentary from her friends, colleagues and lovers to prove just how true that statement was.

But Sontag, who died in 2004, was a complex, often contrary character who could use her celebrity intellectual status to personal advantage, and who gave little away emotionally. Although clearly a fan, director/co-writer Nancy Kates allows some of her archive intervieweeswho include heavyweights such as Norman Mailer, Annie Leibovitz and Susan Sarandonplenty of leeway to criticise Sontag as well as praise her. She also has actor Patricia Clarkson reading extracts from the author’s work to help build a fascinating, rounded portrait of a powerful and strikingly charismatic force in American literature.

Regarding Susan Sontag Trailer

Regarding Susan Sontag, dir. Nancy D. Kates, USA 2014, 101 mins.

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