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Still: Recognized

Recognized + Q&A

13 Apr 2008

Recognized is a documentary not about Bedouin, but about people forced into the role of Bedouin, the only identity the state of Israel allows them, and the very identity it systematically denies them. Substandard citizenship, coupled with daily existential obstacles posed by the state, are what this film is about.

Filmed entirely on location in the Negev desert in the summer of 2006, Recognized is made up of documentary moments that trace the uprooted experiences of individuals struggling with their identity as Bedouins and with their status as equal citizens of the state.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with director Ori Kleiner.

In partnership with the Jewish Community Centre for London and the Pears Foundation.

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Dir Ori Kleiner, Israel/USA 2007, 61 mins, subtitles

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