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Tony Scott, The Hunger, 1983

Punx Not Dead: The Hunger

19 Apr 2016

Starring Catherine Deneuve and David Bowie, Tony Scott’s cult classic tells the story of a beautiful couple with a dark secret: they are vampires, teaching music by day and preying on young rock n’ rollers at night. Trouble brews when John (Bowie) discovers that, unlike his lover Miriam (Deneuve), he is ageing rapidly. He seeks help from a doctor (Susan Sarandon), only to find that she has become the new object of Miriam’s affections. This stylish and impeccably designed film is the perfect 80s vampire movie, full of poise and attitude.

The Hunger (1983) Trailer

The Hunger, dir. Tony Scott, UK/USA 1983, 97 mins

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