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2 Jul 20096 Jul 2009

To celebrate this year's Pride London, the ICA are screening some of the finest pieces of queer cinema from the past 15 years, from Bruce LaBruce's extraordinary Hustler White to Apichatpong Weerasethakul's Cannes-conquering Tropical Malady, from the does-what-it-says-on-the-tin Dream Boy to the raw drama-documentary Greek Pete, plus the occasional special introduction and director Q&A.

In association with Peccadillo Pictures, Verve Pictures, Club Des Femmes, Curzon Cinemas and Pride London.

  • Still: Greek Pete

    Greek Pete + Q&A

    2 Jul 2009

    A highlight of this year's London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival, this raw semi-improvised docu-drama follows a group of London rent boys for six months.

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  • Still: Lost and Delirious

    Lost and Delirious

    3 Jul 20094 Jul 2009

    Mischa Barton and Piper Perabo star in this unflinching tale of first love at boarding school.

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  • Still: Hustler White

    Hustler White

    3 Jul 2009

    A cult sensation, inspired by Billy Wilder's classic Sunset Blvd. and directed by the epic, iconic Bruce LaBruce.

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  • Still: Summerstorm


    4 Jul 20096 Jul 2009

    Kreuzpaintner's award-winning, semi-autobiographical romantic drama set in a Bavarian summer camp.

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  • Still: Tropical Malady

    Tropical Malady

    5 Jul 2009

    A straightforward love story becomes a surreal nocturnal adventure, in the first Thai film to be in the main competition at Cannes - where it won the Jury Prize.

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  • Still: Born in 68

    Born in 68

    5 Jul 2009

    A preview screening for this beautifully shot saga that boldly looks at politics, society and love from generation to generation.

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  • Still: Dream Boy

    Dream Boy

    6 Jul 2009

    An adaptation of the hugely popular and award-winning novel of the same name, introduced by Jim MacSweeney, owner of Gay's The Word bookshop.

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  • Still: All Over Me

    All Over Me

    6 Jul 2009

    A riot-grrl teen romance, the first film from Alex Sichel, written by her sister.

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