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James Hall and Edward Lovelace, The Possibilities Are Endless, 2014

The Possibilities Are Endless

7 Nov 201418 Nov 2014

'Romantic and terrifying… a remarkable film.' Henry Barnes, The Guardian
'A transcendant experience ... entrancing and thoughtful.' Moveable Fest
'Rare is such a method of narrative and visual exploration.' ArtsHub
'A truly exemplary entry into fully sensory cinema.' Hot Docs

A special screening of The Possibilities Are Endless including a Q+A session afterwards takes place 21 October.

The Possibilities Are Endless tells the incredible story of Edwyn Collins, a songwriter who suffered a stroke, an explosion in the brain so severe that it effectively deleted the contents of his mind. After a career as an internationally acclaimed lyricist, he lost all language and was only able to say two phrases: “The Possibilities are Endless” and “Grace Maxwell”.

The film is narrated by Edwyn, trapped inside his devastated mind and his wife Grace, the woman who pulled him back to life. An intimate and life-affirming journey of rediscovery.


The Possibilities are Endless, dirs. James Hall and Edward Lovelace, UK 2014, 83 mins.

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