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Philip Gröning, The Police Officer's Wife, 2014

The Police Officer's Wife

22 Aug 201428 Aug 2014

★★★★ 'A chilling study of domestic abuse.' The Independent

From director Philip Gröning (Into Great Silence), this is an epic and tragically poetic study of the effects of domestic abuse on a young family.

A young couple lead a modest provincial existence with their small daughter. The husband is a policeman, a common middle-class civil servant. The wife stays at home and cares for their little girl, an alert and curious child, always looking up inquisitively at her mother. This beautiful, seemingly ordinary family live a frugal life of simple joys. It is also a life of increasing violence measured by the dark bruises of the police officer’s wife.

The Police Officer's Wife, dir. Philip Gröning, Germany 2014, 175 mins

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