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Lindsay Anderson, O Lucky Man!, 1973

O Lucky Man!

15 Aug 201420 Aug 2014

This riotous and darkly comic follow-up to his satirical masterpiece If… was Lindsay Anderson’s second collaboration with both cinematographer Miroslav Ondříček and star Malcolm McDowell. Former teenage revolutionary Mick Travis (McDowell, A Clockwork Orange) has learnt to abandon his principles in order to succeed, and is rewarded with a job as a coffee salesman. His picaresque adventures are by turns dreamlike, hilarious, frightening and absurd, taking him everywhere from aristocratic dinner parties to medical labs to sex clubs to prison.

A stellar British cast – including Ralph Richardson, Arthur Lowe, Helen Mirren, Dandy Nichols, Warren Clarke, Graham Crowden and musician Alan Price, who also provided the score – add to the sense of mayhem by playing multiple roles. Anderson takes us on a visionary odyssey through a Britain ravaged by capitalism and post-colonialism, delivering characteristically startling imagery along the way.

O Lucky Man! dir. Lindsay Anderson, UK/USA 1973, 184 mins.

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