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The New Sex Crimes: Netting Paedophiles or Ruining Lives?

19 Jan 2008

The New Sex Crimes is a double bill of talks takes a critical look at the emerging relationship between the internet, sexuality and the law.

Following a spate of high-profile prosecutions of celebrities for downloading child pornography and the fallout from Operation Ore, are we in danger of losing the distinction between acts of paedophilia and dangerous thoughts? What has fuelled the police prosecutions against child pornography, how do they work and what are the implications for our understanding of paedophilia, the internet and the law?

Duncan Campbell, former assistant editor of the New Statesman, award-winning investigative journalist and computer expert witness in recent trials, who has written about the Operation Ore child pornography prosecutions in the UK, will be speaking to David Whitehouse QC, the barrister who recently defended actor Chris Langham on charges of downloading child pornography, and Paul Roffey, Director, RWA Child Protection Consultants. Chair: Libby Brooks, deputy comment editor at The Guardian and author of The Story of Childhood.


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E.g., 22-10-2017