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Jonathan Nossiter, Natural Resistance, 2014

Natural Resistance

19 Jun 201525 Jun 2015

★★★★ "Natural Resistance is above all quirky, thought-provoking and funny – ultimately intensely humane." The Upcoming 

We're proud to present the London exclusive of Natural Resistance, which sees director Jonathan Nossiter return to the subject of his acclaimed 2005 documentary about the effect of globalisation on the wine industry, Mondovino.

Four Italian winegrowers live a life we all dream of: in their converted 11th century monastery and winery in Tuscany. But all is not as picturesque as it seems as these protagonists use the power of film to fight corporate politics and promote natural wine-making.

Giovanna Tiezzi and Stefano Borsa find a way to grow grains, fruit and wine that create a link to their ancient Etruscan heritage. Corrado Dottori and Valerio Bochi, refugees from industrial Milan, labour for a rural expression of social justice.

Ex-librarian Elena Pantaleoni works her father's vineyards in Emilia and strives to make her estate a utopian reality; and Stefano Bellotti, the Pasolini of Italian agriculture, a radical farmer poet, disrupts everyone's rules from his avant garde farm in the Piedmont.

But these protagonists of a rapidly spreading European natural wine revolution have encountered fierce resistance. Not everyone believes in their struggle for an ecologically progressive, economically just and historically rich expression of Italian agriculture. With the help of their delightfully eccentric film curator friend Gian Luca Farinelli, these very contemporary peasants use the power of fiction films to combat the institutional lies that make any act of freedom today an act of dangerous dissent.

Natural Resistance, dir. Jonathan Nossiter, Italy 2014, 86 mins.


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