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Molly's Way + Q&A

11 Mar 2007

UK Premiere

Molly (Mairead McKinley) is an unassuming, young Irish woman, Marchin is her one night stand. He's in Poland... somewhere. Trailing into a bleak Polish backwater, Molly turns up with her suitcase and blue woolly hat. This sensitive and compassionate portrayal of a journey into the unknown shows how strength of character and determination can offer true direction.

"Sometimes you have to lose your way, only to find a better direction" is the strong message in Molly's Way, a wisdom provided by her taxi driver in the opening scene who finds Molly stranded in the middle of nowhere. Eventually Molly finds refuge at a hotel swarming with prostitutes, some friendly, some cautious of her good nature. Atef weaves this modern fable eloquently, displaying a high level of maturity.

"McKinley carries the film, and gives a magnificent performance as the title character" Seattle Weekly

Molly's Way is the first feature film by director Emily Atef. Now living in Berlin, she attends the German Film Academy. Molly's Way is made from a collaboration of a European influence. The main actress Mairead McKinley is Irish, the DOP Polish, the co-writers German... the director suggests that this melting-pot is intrinsic to the values of the film.

Dir Emily Atef, Germany/Poland 2005, 84 mins


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