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Members' Screening: You, The Living

3 May 2015

You, The Living follows a similar approach to Andersson's first film Songs From the Second Floor, but takes a slightly lighter tone in presenting a wry series of tragi-comic vignettes from modern life.

We meet a motley crew of characters: a stout depressive and her long-suffering husband, a girl with an unrequited crush on a musician, an Arab barber taking sweet revenge on a racist customer... If none of these sound intrinsically funny, they certainly become so when filtered through Andersson's worldview, specifically Nordic yet strangely universal. His skill lies in revealing the absurd details of what people around us do every day, the precision of his filmmaking adding comic impact to the sheer randomness of much of what we see.

You, The Living, dir. Roy Andersson, Sweden 2007, 96 mins, Swedish with English subtitles.

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