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Bennett Miller, Capote, 2005

Members' Screening: Capote

25 Jan 2015

“The mesmerizing performance of Philip Seymour Hoffman as the celebrated writer dominates every scene, while director Bennett Miller and screenwriter Dan Futterman's penetrating study enthrals in every aspect” Variety

The creation of In Cold Blood, one of the most memorable books of the 1960s, and the impact the writing and research had on author Truman Capote are brilliantly explored in this fascinating insight into the creative process.

Acclaimed novelist Capote (Seymour Hoffman, The Talented Mr Ripley) becomes fascinated with the events surrounding a multiple murder in a small Kansas town and decides to write a piece about it; he had long believed that in the right hands, a true story could be moulded into a tale as compelling as any fiction.

One of the finest character actors of his generation, Seymour Hoffman is superlative, delivering an Oscar-winning performance that never descends into caricature. The supporting cast is equally strong, especially Catherine Keener as the novelist and Capote's assistant Harper Lee.

Capote, dir. Bennett Miller, USA 2005, 114 mins.

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