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Jan Hřebejk, Garbage, the City and Death

Made in Prague: Garbage, the City and Death

11 Nov 2014

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Inspired by Fassbinder’s scandalous play and based on a cult theatre production, the story of an unfortunate prostitute is filmed in Prague standing in for a dilapidated city run by corrupt police, politicians, lobbyist and property speculators. Romi, abused by her homosexual pimp and her xenophobic father, thinks life will improve when she meets a rich Jew who pays her generously for her stories.

Addressing racism, homophobia and contemporary corruption, this is Hřebejk’s tribute to the former Prague Comedy Theatre.

Garbage, the City and Death, dir. Jan Hřebejk, CZ 2012, 70 min. English subtitles, cert. 18

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