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Mark Reeder in Berlin, 1984

LSFF: Special Event: B-Movie: Lust & Sound In West-Berlin 1979-1989 + Christiane F + Lone Taxidermist [live]

17 Jan 2016

An afternoon of film and music to celebrate the great European city in its radical and experimental 1980s heyday, before the collapse of the Berlin Wall.

B-movie: Lust & Sound In West-Berlin 1979-1989
(dir. Jörg A. Hoppe / Heiko Lange / Klaus Maek, Germany 2015, 92 mins)
Music, art and chaos in the wild West-Berlin of the 1980s. The walled-in city became the creative melting pot for sub and pop culture. Before the iron curtain fell, everything and anything seemed possible. This fast-paced collage of mostly unreleased film and TV footage from a frenzied but creative decade, starts with punk and ends with the Love Parade, in a city where the days are short and the nights are endless.

British-born musician, music producer, label owner, Berlin resident since 1978, and all-round subversive, Mark Reeder joins us for a Q&A.

Christiane f: Wir Kinder vom Bahnhof  Zoo
(dir. Uli Edel, Germany 1981, 138 mins)
Based on the true autobiographical recordings of a young 13-year old heroin addict and prostitute in West Berlin in the late 1970s, this controversial and cult film was a big international hit on release, and features a soundtrack (and a cameo) from Berlin-era David Bowie.

Live: Lone Taxidermist
Welcome to the world of Lone Taxidermist: a chaotic realm of poisonous cocktails, thwarted lust, 6am dancehalls and a cast of characters standing on the verge of epiphany. This world was created by Natalie Sharp, part northern poet, part cosmic synth diva, part London nightbus chonicler. She is joined in this endeavour by Philip Winter (Wrangler/Tunng), Will Kwerk and Hjordis moon Badford.

DJs: Vinyl Therapy
This vinyl only collective plays a selection of Berlin- and German-themed music. Bring along three of your own (vinyl only!!) and join them!

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