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Jenny Lianos, Technoshaman, 2014

LSFF: New Shorts: A Musical Box

11 Jan 2015

A smorgasbord style selection of musical landscapes and resonances.

This selection of short films mixes experimental work and animation, and takes us from the boxing ring to urban & forest areas, alongside choreographed moves in Technoshaman, .tick, Udstødt, and William.

Music includes The Single Cell Collective, Robert Wyatt, and a choral Depeche Mode in Enjoy the Silence.

.tick, Leva Sabaliauskaite, 3 mins., UK
Enjoy The Silence, Ruth Gardiner, 6 mins., UK
Hjem (hyem), Edwin Mingard, 3 mins., UK
Little Robot Lost, Sasha Constance, 5 mins., UK
Mannequin Dreams, Darwin Carlisle, 4 mins., USA
Opponent, Charlotte Ginsborg, 3 mins., UK
Pigs... (in There?), Guy Bolongaro, 9 mins., UK
Rien, Riyadh Haque, 4 mins., UK
Shrine, Robert Hackett, 2 mins., UK
Technoshaman, Jenny Lianos, 4 mins., UK
Thank You Market, Oliver Smith, 3 mins., UK
Torpor, Jannik Schmoller, 7 mins., UK
Tyven, Adele Myers, 8 mins., UK
Udstødt, Faye Tan, 4 mins., UK
William, Nicola Mills, 6 mins., UK

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