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Laila Khan, 6 Cup Chai, 2014

LSFF: New Shorts: Global Stories: People & Places

17 Jan 2015

A session of international short films that take us from the slums of Mumbai in 6 Cup Chai, to the Mexican cartels in Despues De La Z, to the Scandinavian mountains in Last Base, to the shipyards of Naples in Uoldisnei.

6 Cup Chai, Laila Khan, 7 mins., UK
Despues De La Z, Rodrigo Cervantes Martinez, 12 mins., UK
Forever After, Charlotte Scott-Wilson, 15 mins., Netherlands
L'Interruption, Vincent Weiler,14 mins., UK
Last Base, Aslak Danbolt, 15 mins., UK
Uoldìsnei, Andrea Della Monica, 20 mins., UK
Vis à Vis, Dan Connolly, 16 mins., Australia

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