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Tony Grisoni, Bootstrapped, 2015

LSFF: New Shorts: Experiments - Leftfield & Lucious

10 Jan 2016

Our popular Sunday matinee screening of the best in new experimental shorts, from stunning animations to groundbreaking artists work. Includes work by Stuart Pound, Tony Grisoni, Tony Hill, and Peter Millard, and watch up for performances by Edward Hogg and Anamaria Marinca.   


  • The Split, dir. Ed Rigg, 15 mins  
  • Bootstrapped, dir. Tony Grisoni, 6 mins  
  • Sarah_ralph_film007, dir. Ralph Pritchard & Sarah Hill, 2 mins  
  • When Nothing Never Happens, dir. Leona Kadijevic, 4 mins  
  • Fragments Of A Letter To A Child Unborn, dir. Maryam Tafakory, 5 mins  
  • Sarah_ralph_film003, dir. Ralph Pritchard & Sarah Hill, 3 mins  
  • Història D'un Objecte Carlota, dir. Castells Puig, 10 mins  
  • Nature's Switch, dir. Caroline Ward And Erinma Ochu, 11 mins  
  • Béton Brut, dir. Timothy Smith, 5 mins  
  • Pagoda , dir. Stuart Pound, 2 mins  
  • Spin, dir. Tony Hill, 3 Mins  
  • Unhappy Happy, dir. Peter Millard, 7 mins  
  • Acquiesce, dir. Thomas Cuthbertson & Ross Oliver, 3 mins  
  • Tea With A Straw, dir. Noriko Ishibe, 2 mins  
  • Feedback, dir. Heidi Stokes, 3 mins  
  • The Betrayal, dir. Susan Young, 5 mins  
  • We Believe In Technology, dir. Sim Hutchins, 5 mins  
  • Kensho, dir. Aaron Paradox, 4 mins  
  • Forcing Tastes, dir. Nisha Duggal, 7 mins  

The programme runs for 104 mins

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Please note that a three minute short film will be screened before the first main feature every evening. Part of a rotating selection that changes weekly, the films shown are currently on tour to various arts venues across the country as part of Playback


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