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Ross Hogg, Scribbledub, 2015

LSFF: New Shorts: Experiments - Celluloid Traces

10 Jan 2016

We celebrate all things filmic and older formats in this programme of experimental and drama-based work. These shorts draw on the retro look of 16mm and degraded videotape. 


  • Dailies To Dawn, dir. Kristina Cranfeld, 18 mins  
  • Scribbledub, dir. Ross Hogg, 3 mins  
  • Veiled, dir. Ciaran Mcwilliams, 12 mins  
  • Maelstrom, dir. Benjamin Fox, 3 mins  
  • My Grandad Killed Your Grandad, Doodah, Doodah, dir. Christopher Steel, 5 mins  
  • Machinic Phylum, dir. Guli Silberstein, 4 mins  
  • Irene, dir. Eleanor Marechal, 2 mins  
  • Zeit Zu Zweit (Couple Time), dir. Selina Robertson, 6 mins  
  • Memory002, dir. Ralph Pritchard, 3 mins  
  • Bronco's House, dir. Mark Jenkin, 44 mins  

The programme runs for 102 mins

The ICA Cinema is completely ad-free. Please note the feature will start following a selection of trailers and information relevant to the ICA programme. All films are 18+ unless otherwise stated

Please note that a three minute short film will be screened before the first main feature every evening. Part of a rotating selection that changes weekly, the films shown are currently on tour to various arts venues across the country as part of Playback


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E.g., 14-12-2017