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The Long Night + Intro by Robin Yassin-Kassab

23 Sep 2011

Director Hatem Ali has crafted a debut film about political dissent, all the more topical in the light of the recent Arab Spring and the butchery of Syrian civil rights demonstrators by the Assad regime. The film tells the story of four political prisoners, freed after a long time in prison, who return to face the society they no longer recognise. Their family relationships have become painful and complex while in prison, and they find themselves alienated from much they meet outside the prison cell.

While The Long Night was screened widely outside Syria, and has won prizes in New Delhi and Cairo film festivals, it is still unseen in Syria, and less likely to be released now than at any time since it was made.

Introduced by Robin Yassin-Kassab.

Dir Hatem Ali Syria, 2009, 93 mins


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