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In Between Seasons, dir. Lee Dong-eun, 2016

London Korean Film Festival 2017: In Between Seasons + intro

31 Oct 2017

This screening will be introduced by LKFF programmer Tony Rayns

A woman separated from her husband is bringing up her high-school-pupil son Soo-hyun alone. She thinks that she has established a close bond of mutual openness with her son, but she is wrong: Soo-hyun is gay, and it is only when he is seriously injured in a car accident that she finds out. She takes out her confusion and anger on Soo-hyun’s close friend Yong-joon, but the young man deals with the situation more calmly and with greater wisdom than she does.

Brought to vivid emotional life by an excellent cast, the film confronts Korean homophobia and depicts a mother-son relationship with searing clarity.

In Between Seasons, dir. Lee Dong-eun, South Korea 2016, 115 mins


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E.g., 22-06-2018