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Jimmy Robert + Ian White

11 May 2009

It is not by painting that photography touches art, but by theatre. Roland Barthes

For this evening's event Jimmy Robert and Ian White will perform Marriage à la Mode et Cor Anglais, a work that combines and re-presents image (in particular a Robert Mapplethorpe photograph of Robert Wilson and Philip Glass), text and music; and that uses various coordinates, including artificiality, posing, mortality and repetition. The work was developed for theatre performance, and was originally produced by STUK Kunstcentrum, Belgium. This is the second performance work by Robert and White to explore the line between an image and a related set of movements, and both relates to and differs from 6 things we couldn't do, but can do now, performed at Tate Britain in 2004.

To be alert is to be decorative. Frank O'Hara.


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E.g., 20-10-2017