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Jesus Camp

Jesus Camp

23 Nov 200720 Dec 2007

"Brave, thoughtful documentary." **** Time Out

"Powerful, sad and very worrying" **** The Independent

"Arthouse horror has rarely been scarier." The Village Voice

"Funny, sad and horrifying in about equal measure" **** Empire

"Incredibly powerful, provocative and incendiary" Bizarre

"A riveting glimpse of America's Evangelical little-league" Dazed and Confused

A powerful and absorbing documentary from film-makers Heidi Ewing and Rachel Grady (who made 2005's brilliant film about inner-city children's lives, The Boys of Baraka). Oscar-nominated Jesus Camp delves into the goings-on at the Kids on Fire evangelical camp in North Dakota, where children spend their summer playing Christian combat games, speaking in tongues and weeping with ecstasy as they confirm their love for Jesus. The camp's founder explains her mission to encourage the kids to "take back America for Christ", and while there are opposing views on screen the film never takes sides, making the experience even more fascinating and disturbing.

An ICA Films release

Dir Heidi Ewing, Rachel Grady, US 2006, 87 mins


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