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Yoichi Sai, Blood and Bones, 2004

Japan Foundation Touring Film Programme: Blood and Bones

1 Feb 2015

In 1923, Shun-pei Kim left Cheju, an isolated island in the far South of Korea for Osaka, Japan, dreaming of making his fortune in a new land. Contrary to his hopes, what was waiting for Shun-pei in Japan was a brutal life of discrimination and hard labour.

With his remarkable physical strength, cunning and ruthlessness he overcomes the odds stacked against him and opens a kamaboko (steamed fish cake) factory, which before long is a success, bringing him the fortune he coveted for so long.  However, with no limit to his obsession for money, Shun-pei gradually transforms himself into a ruthless loan shark. 

Blood and Bones paints an unflinching portrait of a man struggling to make a name for himself in a foreign country and the web of turmoil his wife, mistress, children, relatives and all those around him are drawn into as a result of his choices and brutal, violent nature. Starring legendary Japanese actor ‘Beat’ Takeshi Kitano.

This gripping film paints an unflinching portrait of a man struggling to make a name for himself in a foreign country.

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Blood and Bones, dir. Yoichi Sai, Japan 2004, 144 mins. Japanese with English subtitles, advised cert. 18

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