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Amy Berg, Janis: Little Girl Blue, 2015

Janis: Little Girl Blue

12 Feb 201623 Mar 2016

Following 2015’s hit Amy Winehouse film Amy, Oscar-nominated documentarian Amy Berg (West Of Memphis) delivers an equally heart-rending account of the original bad-girl rock singer, Janis Joplin. Like Winehouse (and Kurt Cobain and Jim Morrison), Joplin died aged 27 - of a heroin overdose, before she could fully realise her wonderful potential. Although a seasoned performer with Texas bar bands, Joplin became a star fronting San Francisco’s powerful Big Brother And The Holding Company. Berg has resuscitated rare footage of Joplin’s early days as a feisty child, her self-discovery as a folk/blues singer and her increasingly pressurised stardom. Along the way Joplin made many romantic mistakes before finally descending into hard drugs. Poignant interviews and stunning performances, including her knockout rendition of Ball And Chain at 1967’s Monterey Pop Festival, affirm her legendary status.

Janis: Little Girl Blue 2015 Official Trailer [HD 1080p]

Janis: Little Girl Blue, dir. Amy Berg, USA 2015, 104 mins

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