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26 Nov 2011

This extraordinary day-long event encompasses a selection of unusual and unique opportunities throughout the ICA. From dining with leading British art figures including Tracey Emin, to enjoying our special live edition events – no one part of the day will be the same. In addition to the ticketed sessions, varying activities will also provide you with the chance to create an artwork of your own under the experienced eye of an established artist whether it is making individual textile pieces to printing or drawing. There will also be the opportunity to purchase limited editions to take away – perfect Christmas present items - as well as the chance to enter our Winter raffle to win exclusive prizes!

Individual events are bookable online or call 020 7930 3647. RSVP on Facebook


Breakfast with Tiffany
10.30am-12pm, ICA Café Bar, £50
Our INTERCOURSE day opens with breakfast in the company of highly acclaimed British artist Anj Smith, Greek-born London fashion designer Mary Katrantzou join international collector and INTERCOURSE Committee Member Tiffany Zabludowicz in the ICA Café Bar. A unique Anj Smith work created especially for INTERCOURSE will be available for purchase. This exclusive morning get-together is fuelled by coffee, tea, pain au chocolates, croissants and Danish pastries. Please note: this event is limited to 50 guests.

Lunch Auction with Tracey Emin and Christopher Biggins
12pm, ICA Theatre, £175
Renowned artist Tracey Emin and media personality Christopher Biggins will host what promises to be a warm and lively event, starting with a Veuve Clicquot champagne reception at noon. Throughout, Christopher will interview Tracey, who will create three works live for immediate auction. In addition, an extraordinary live edition by Berlin-based artist Tino Sehgal is released during the meal. The auction continues with special works kindly donated by British artists’ Polly Morgan and Dexter Dalwood.

Live Edition with David Harrison
12-2pm ICA Studio, Free, Artworks available to purchase
What kind of night animal are you? David Harrison has created an artistic encounter to experience the essence of the sacred pyramids and see which one attracts seems the most attractive. If the desire relates to a hare, for example, then you will receive a drawing of that creature with a bottle of perfume to represent it.

Live Edition: Donald Urquhart
12.45-1.30pm, Bar Lounge, Free, Artworks available to purchase
London-based Scottish artist and innovating legend of the 90s drag-performance scene, Donald Urquhart is known for his monochromatic ink drawings. In a Live Edition, Urquhart offers 50 Limited Edition prints in A0 poster format. The works emerge from his fascination with the image of the femme fatale, and are signed live by the artist himself.

Live Edition: Mustafa Hulusi
2-3pm, ICA Studio, £30 each including limited edition scarf
London based Turkish Cypriot conceptual artist Mustafa Hulusi will be reproducing traditional cypriot folk art in the form of a peasant headscarf merged with his trademark Expander motif. Please note: this event is limited to 30 guests only.

Live Edition: Daniel Silver
Session 1: 2-3pm, Session 2: 3-4pm, Fox Reading Room, £25 per session
Participants in this session will be guided by artist Daniel Silver to create 3 self-portrait heads in quick drying clay. The first head represents what we think we look like with our eyes closed, the second stands for what others see when they look at us (or how we look in a mirror) and the final head shows what we would like others to see when they look at us. At the end of the session there will be 3 unique heads to take away as a reminder of the activity. Please note: this event is limited to 25 guests only per session.

Re-enacting Eisenstein: The Odessa Steps Sequence from Battleship Potemkin
Session 1: 3-3.30pm, Session 2: 3.30-4pm, Session 3: 4-4.30pm, Duke of York Steps, £5 per session
Imagine a flash-mob tackling the iconic sequence from Sergei Eisenstein’s seminal 1925 film Battleship Potemkin - the Tsar’s rifles, the people, the panic, the pram! Just around the corner from the ICA, the Duke of York’s Steps are the perfect location for such a re-enactment, and a host of figures from the art world are participating. Join Jane and Louise Wilson and others in this memorable event, staged especially for INTERCOURSE. Please note: this event is limited to 60 guests only per session.

Live Edition: Yinka Shonibare
3-4pm ICA Studio, £40 including Limited Edition
Turner Prize nominee and current Fourth Plinth artist Yinka Shonibare, MBE joins us in the ICA Studio to create a series of batik prints around the seven deadly sins especially for sale for INTERCOURSE available to purchase.

Live Edition: Hew Locke
3.30-4.30pm, Bar Lounge, Free, Works available for purchase
Having previously worked with the notion of financial situations in his series of share artworks British artist Hew Locke is issuing his own very unique ICA share certificates in the Bar Lounge in honour of ICA’s INTERCOURSE day.

Live Edition Hairstyling: Cary Kwok
Saturday 26 November, 4-6pm, ICA Studio, £75
Artist Cary Kwok, known for his provocative biro drawings, will be joining us in the ICA Studio to create a series of unique hairstyles exclusively for INTERCOURSE. This extraordinary opportunity takes place in the ICA Studio as part of our day of activities. Please note: this event is limited to 6 people only

OMNI COLOUR Horse Racing with Mark Wallinger and Bob Pain
Saturday 26 November, 4-5pm, Free to view, £10 per horse per race


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