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Luc Jacquet, Ice and the Sky, 2015

Ice And The Sky

11 Dec 201519 Dec 2015

In Ice And The Sky, writer-director Luc Jacquet creates a compelling call to arms through charting the work of spry 82-year-old climatologist Claude Lorius. Having first visited Antarctica 60 years ago, Lorius devoted his career to deep drilling for ice cores beneath the frozen tundra and analysing them to investigate changes in the earth’s climate over thousands of years.

Restored super-8 footage of early expeditions recounts the hardships endured, but it’s the measured detachment with which Lorius explains what his ominous research evidence means for the future of the planet that packs the biggest punch.

Ice and the Sky, dir. Luc Jacquet, France 2015, 89 mins, French with English subtitles.

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