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BBC Radio 4's Four Thought

ICA presents BBC Radio 4's Four Thought

24 Jul 2014

Join us for a recording of BBC Radio 4's Four Thought, a series of four thought-provoking talks in which speakers air their thinking, in front of a live audience, on the trends, ideas, interests and passions that affect culture and society. Combining two of the trademark elements of Radio 4—big ideas and evocative storytelling—speakers are invited to take to the stage ready to air their latest thinking on the trends, ideas, interests and passions that affect our culture and society. The presentations are thought-provoking and entertaining, often with a personal dimension.   

Speakers include Rosie Wilby who asks: is the idea of monogamy dead? Amia Srinivasan suggests that an age when anger is often written off as a negative emotion, and frowned upon in public life, it can instead be a positive emotion, both personally and politically. Anna Beer explores the stories of women in the arts who have used their creativity to overcome immense obstacles to their success. Carrie Gibson examines the idea of paradise in the islands of the Caribbean and finds that throughout history there have been two very different, and often very surprising, sides to the concept. These four talks will be broadcast later in the year on Radio 4.

Free admission but booking required as there is limited capacity.


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E.g., 20-06-2018