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Randall Wright, Hockney, 2014


28 Nov 20148 Jan 2015

Hockney is the definitive exploration of one of the most significant artists of his generation. For the first time, David Hockney has given access to his personal archive of photographs and film, resulting in an unparalleled visual diary of a long life.

This movie chronicles his career, from his early life in working-class Bradford – where his love for pictures was developed through his admiration for cinema – to his relocation to Hollywood, where his lifelong struggle to escape labels (‘queer’, ‘working class’, ‘figurative artist’) was fully realised.

We see his upbringing and life experiences give him the willpower to survive, and also to create some of the most renowned works of the past century. Acclaimed filmmaker Randall Wright offers a unique view of the unconventional and charismatic artist, who at 77 is still working in the studio seven days a week.

Hockney, dir. Randall Wright, UK 2014, 112 mins. cert. 15

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