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Ben and Joshua Safdie, Heaven Knows What, 2014

Heaven Knows What

29 Apr 20167 May 2016

Director brothers Josh and Ben Safdie (Daddy Longlegs) have fashioned a starkly realistic tale, reminiscent of the work of John Cassevettes, unflinchingly based on the life story of a charismatic Manhattan former heroin addict, the film’s star Arielle Holmes. Unofficially wedded to an equally magnetic if controlling boyfriend, Ilya (Landry Jones, God’s Pocket), the perpetually strung-out Harley (Arielle Holmes) proves her commitment to him in a shocking incident.

She takes up with Mike (Buddy Duress), another fractious doper who at least has access to the messy apartment of a dissipated old hippy, but Ilya still commands her devotion. Based on Holmes’ soon-to-be-published memoir Mad Love in New York City and featuring street legend Buddy Durexx and gore rep phenomenon Necro, Heaven Knows What is an exhilarating, poignant depiction of survival on New York’s unforgiving streets.

Heaven Knows What, dir. Ben and Joshua Safdie, USA 2014, 94 mins

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