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Hans Haacke: 4 Decades, dir. Michael Blackwood, 2007. © Michael Blackwood Productions Inc.

Hans Haacke: 4 Decades

7 Mar 2015

Hans Haacke is a key figure in contemporary art whose work intersects with conceptual, pop, minimal and land art. The artist is particularly known for his research into the hidden economies and politics of the art world and the repressed histories of places and peoples.

Haacke's strong political, cultural and social concerns are reflected in his installations, texts and sculptures. His works have often caused considerable controversies. In this film, Haacke visits his retrospectives, taking place simultaneously in Berlin and Hamburg, with art historian Jon Bird. The work in these long awaited, non-chronologically arranged exhibitions reveals Haacke's strong convictions and desire for justice for all. "All art is political" is his credo.

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Hans Haacke: 4 Decades, dir. Michael Blackwood, 2007, 58 mins

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