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Gabriel Abrantes: Odd Places for Hope

Gabriel Abrantes: Odd Places for Hope

8 Jul 2014

US born Gabriel Abrantes is one of the most disconcerting Portuguese film directors working today. Inspired by the complexities of his diverse background, Abrantes’s work tackles sexual, economic and post-colonial perspectives with surprising wit. Unashamedly full of transgression and desire, his films often transform dystopian scenarios into moments of pure romanticism and hope.

In this screening we show four superbly crafted films directed by Gabriel Abrantes, in collaboration with Benjamin Crotty and Daniel Schmidt. With an introduction by Guilherme Blanc (Filmville).

A History of Mutual Respect
Dirs. Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt, 2010, 24’
Produced by A Mutual Respect Productions

Golden Leopard at Locarno Film Festival in 2010 (Leopard of Tomorrow), the film follows two friends through a sensuous spiritual journey looking for pure love. From an exotic Brazilian forest to the Portuguese capital Lisbon, the young modern 'colonisers' end up with different fates.

Visionary Iraq
Dirs. Gabriel Abrantes and Benjamin Crotty, 2009, 19'
Produced by A Mutual Respect Productions

A tragicomic Warholian tale about a Portuguese boy and his Angolan step sister (played by a transgendered Abrantes), who see their love affair uncovered by their mother just before they set off to war in Iraq. To make things worse, they soon find out that their father is profiting from the war.

Dirs. Gabriel Abrantes and Benjamin Crotty, 2011, 18'
Produced by A Mutual Respect Productions

A beautifully shot film set in Luanda, Angola, that tells the story of a young couple: the stunning Betty, a Chinese immigrant, and Liberdade, a young Angolan who lives haunted by his sexual impotence.

Ennui Ennui
Dir. Gabriel Abrantes, 2013, 32'
Produced by Les Films du Belier

Absurdist and highly comical Ennui Ennui is (in the words of the director) a film about tribal bride trading, Hillary Clinton’s selfie, a drone that calls Obama ‘Daddy’, the chronic virginity of Libraries without Borders volunteers, and airborne piglets.

Curated by Filmville in partnership with the Portuguese Embassy in London and Instituto Camões em Portugal.  Films Courtesy of A Mutual Respect Productions, Les Films du Belier, and the Artists.


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