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Image: The Cat's Pyjamas Are Human

Face/Wrong: The Cat's Pyjamas Are Human

17 May 2007

"There once was a young man who swallowed a cat, there once was a cat who swallowed a moth..." and so it begins. Face/Wrong Productions presents the world of "The Cats Pyjamas are Human", a stop-motion piece stuck somewhere between Stoppit And Tidyup's little cousin who once went out with Morph's neighbour but they broke up at a Harryhausen party via the local art and supplies store. It's a world where men can swallow cats and talking cats can swallow moths.

"The Cats Pyjamas are Human" is a dystopia of Claymation and cardboard, rolled into one short trip of a film. Featuring original music by eclectic band Chapter 24, it's a 10 minute delve into a world unlike any other.

Duration: 10 mins


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E.g., 18-10-2017