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Don't Tell + Q&A

11 Mar 2007

UK premiere of Christina Commencini's slick and superbly acted drama, nominated for an Oscar for Best Foreign Language Film. Determined to find out the truth behind her nightmares Sabina leaves her partner Franco and over-dependent friend Emilia to visit her brother in America. Her quest reveals the painful secrets that lie beneath the happiest of lives.

Upon finding out that she is pregnant, a window of memories opens up onto her inner world: her childhood, her family, the rites of a strict yet reassuring middle-class upbringing. But this is just the surface. Something dark and disturbing is stirring underneath...Don't Tell is a powerful film about the chiaroscuro elements of normality, and the excesses of love, attraction and desire. Complex subplots add depth and drama to this psychologically & emotionally fascinating film.

"Don't Tell is a persuasive drama" LA Times

Dir Christina Comencini, Italy 2005, 120 minutes, subtitles


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E.g., 21-10-2017