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Angry Sandwhich People or in a Praise for Dialectic, 2006


9 Sep 201028 Oct 2010

A season of projects on art’s relationship to activism and social change. With Russian collective Chto delat? as a point of departure the ICA asks, can culture be a site for protest in a time of economic crisis?

  • Chto delat?, Partisan Songspiel, A Belgrade Story, 2009, Production Still

    Chto delat? (What is to be done?) - The Urgent Need to Struggle

    9 Sep 201024 Oct 2010

    The first major project in the UK by the Russian collective Chto delat? (What is to be done?), The Urgent Need to Struggle extends their identity as ‘a self-organising platform for cultural workers’.

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  • A 48 Hour Communal Life Seminar: What Struggles Do We Have In Common?

    9 Sep 201010 Sep 2010

    The ICA hosts a 48 hour event that aims to create an intensity of relations between its participants; through sleeping, eating, entertaining, performing and discussing together.

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  • Learning play “What Struggles Do We Have In Common?”

    10 Sep 2010

    Presented by Factory of Found Clothes, Nina Gasteva, Chto delat? and the participants of the 48 Hour Communal Life Seminar.

    The Factory of Found Clothes founded in 1995 in St Petersburg and use installation, performance, video, text and ’social research’ to develop an operational logic of ‘fragility’. Their performance is the culmination of the 48 Hour Communal Life Seminar.

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  • The Future of Pedagogy: The Concept and the Disaster

    12 Sep 201026 Sep 2010

    InC, Continental Philosophy research group, hosts a programme of three weekend seminars, each followed by public talks by leading philosophers including Dr Alberto Toscano and Prof. Alexander Garcia Duttmann.

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  • Photo courtesy Dulouz Cats.

    Public Art Private Money

    23 Sep 2010

    Where should the arts look for funding in an era of austerity?

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  • The Old School of Capitalism, Dir Želimir Žilnik, 2009

    Artists’ Film Club: Želimir Žilnik

    29 Sep 2010

    The Old School of Capitalism addresses the first wave of workers’ revolts to hit Serbia after the advent of capitalism. Following the bankruptcy of a factory, workers begin to protest against the management, helped by an anarcho-syndicalism group.

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  • Collapse, Dir Chris Smith, 2009


    1 Oct 201028 Oct 2010

    A panic-inducing cinematic storm warning: Michael Ruppert, a former LAPD officer turned independent reporter and radical thinker, lays out in articulate fashion where the world is heading.

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  • Not Reconciled, Dir Marcelo Expósito, 2009

    Artists’ Film Club: Marcelo Expósito

    6 Oct 2010

    Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been postponed until further notice.

    A free screening of Not Reconciled (Nobody Knows What a Body is Capable Of) (Dir Marcelo Expósito, 2009) followed by a conversation between Expósito and artist and activist John Jordan. 

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  • The Game of War

    13 Oct 2010

    Class Wargames presents Guy Debord’s Game of War; a collective playing of the board game using a replica of the original 1977 design. A film screening will be followed by an open invitation to join the game and learn the strategic and tactical skills required for success in the deadly struggle against the global bourgeoisie

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  • Enthusiasm, Dir. Dziga Vertov, 1931

    Artists’ Film Club: Dziga Vertov

    13 Oct 2010

    Dziga Vertov’s first sound film, Enthusiasm, captures the lives of coal-miners in the Donbass region in Eastern Ukraine. The workers struggle to meet the quotas set for them under Stalin’s First Five-Year Plan, initiated in 1928 to strengthen the USSR’s industrial and agricultural economies.

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  • Art and Resistance: Ways to Make Trouble

    14 Oct 2010

    Artists and activists Cat Phillipps and Peter Kennard lead an open debate around creative resistance, revolt and protest. Their collaborative projects as Kennardphillips use a variety of media and interventions to engage with politics and to encourage and provoke social change.

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  • Night of Angry Statements

    15 Oct 2010

    As part of the Chto delat? programme, the ICA presents a ‘Night of Angry Statements’ in which cultural workers as well as members of the public are invited to use to make statements about how they would like to change the ‘art world’.

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  • We’re Looking for People Who Like to Draw: Fanzines, art and politics from Punk to present day.

    21 Oct 2010

    Writer Stewart Home will be in discussion with Tony D publisher of Kill Your Pet Puppy and zine maker Laura Oldfield Ford about the anarchist history and DIY culture of zines. Chaired by Malcolm Hopkins from Housmans Bookshop.

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  • Photo: Courtesy Pfala.

    Capitalism After the Crash: The Rise and Fall of Neoliberalism

    28 Oct 2010

    The global economic meltdown of 2008 brought the world economy to its knees and destroyed three decades of neoliberal orthodoxy. A panel of speakers ask what’s the future of free market economics?

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  • Chto Delat: Perestroika Songspiel. The Victory over the Coup, 2008

    Artists' Film Club: Make Film Politically

    15 Sep 2013

    15 September - 13 October 2010

    During the course of the Chto delat? exhibition the ICA cinema hosts a weekly screening event addressing filmmaking which exists at the intersection between art and activism.

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