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Dior and I film still

Dior and I

27 Mar 20152 May 2015

In 2012, Raf Simons became the new creative director of the legendary House of Dior. Director Frédéric Tcheng followed Simons as he integrated with the many Dior stalwarts and began designing his first collection.

As well as uncovering couture’s sometimes archaic, sometimes idiosyncratic, always meticulous techniques, it’s a good-humoured film – the charming and dedicated staff are great characters. Celebrated fashionistas and fans, including Vogue editor Anna Wintour and actresses Marion Cotillard and Jennifer Lawrence, give their comments and praise.

Tcheng, who has previously explored the fashion world with Diana Vreeland: The Eye has to Travel, chooses to shoot in the style of an old-school European art film. He uses a pared-down score by Ha-Yang Kim, which nicely accentuates the work in progress on Simons’s collection leading up to the runway show. Revealing and entertaining in equal measure.

Dior and I, dir. Frédéric Tcheng, France 2014, 90 mins.

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