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Justin Simien and Adriana Serrano, Dear White People, 2014

Dear White People

10 Jul 201517 Jul 2015

"A nonstop parade of barbed epigrams, cuttingly literate social observations and lines that zing with brutal hilarity" BBC

Winner of a 2014 Sundance Special Jury Award, this slyly satirical film follows a group of African-American students at a predominantly white college.

Campus shock-jock Samantha White is elected head of a traditionally black hall of residence; Troy Fairbanks applies to join the staff of Pastiche, the college’s influential humour magazine; Lionel Higgins is recruited by the otherwise all-white student newspaper to go undercover and write about black culture; and Coco Conners tries to use the controversy to carve out a career in reality TV.

But no one is prepared for Pastiche's ill-conceived Halloween party, with its ‘unleash your inner Negro’ theme throwing oil on an already smouldering fire of resentment and misunderstanding. When the party descends into mayhem, everyone must choose a side.

Dear White People, dir. Justin Simien, Adriana Serrano, USA 2014, 104 mins.

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