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Sleaford Mods. Photo: Duncan Stafford

Culture Now: Sleaford Mods

5 Jun 2015

Post-punk/hip hop duo Sleaford Mods discuss their work with Derek Walmsley, selecting tracks, videos and clips for the ICA Cinema that have influenced and inspired them over the years.

Musicians Jason Williamson and Andrew Fearn formed Sleaford Mods in Nottingham in 2009. Their music and lyrics are characterised by an artistic originality that combines a poetic and thought-provoking depiction of our current social reality. They have appeared in numerous shows and festivals across the UK and Europe. Recent albums include: Divide and Exit (Harbinger Sound, 2014), Chubbed Up. The Singles Collection (self-released -2014) and Austerity Dogs (Harbinger Sound, March 2013).

Derek Walmsley is the Deputy Editor of The Wire, and has contributed to the magazine since 2004


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