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Comica Comiket

22 Nov 2008

Fresh from their Saturday Camden gigs, London Underground Comics energises this small press fair, giving you the chance to meet and buy from even more self-publishing creators of comics and manga, in print, on the web and for mobile phones. Watch them at work and join in for yourself. The PoCom project in the Concourse Gallery will be extended online and on the wall, and there will be book signings for the latest graphic novels.

Publishers and creators present will include:

Atlantic Press
Sean Azzopardi David Baillie
Banal Pig
The Bedsit Journal
Gavin Burrows
Francesca Cassavetti (Fabtoons): with Richy K. Chandler (Tempo Lush)
Jeremy Dennis
Marc Ellerby
David Enker
Jimi Gherkin
Daniel Merlin Goodbrey
Hey Monkey
Sally-Anne Hickman
Jake Harold Last Hours
Dan Lester London Underground Comics
Jamie McKelvie and Kieron Gillen
Douglas Noble
Thomas Plaskitt
Paul Rainey
Jon Scrivens
Oli Smith Phil Spence


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E.g., 21-10-2017