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Will Fairman, Max Gogarty, Chemsex, 2015


4 Dec 201530 Dec 2015

The screening on 4 December is followed by a Q&A with David Stuart (Substance Use Lead - ChemSex clinics, and Wellbeing programme curator at 56 Dean Street), Max Gogarty and Will Fairman (co-directors of the film) and Pat Cash (writer and host of Let's Talk About Gay Sex & Drugs), chaired by Matthew Todd (editor of Attitude Magazine.)

In 2013, investigative journalists at VICE published a hard-hitting article about London’s ‘slamming party’ scene: gay men getting together for marathon orgies, taking crystal meth, sharing needles and having unprotected sex for days at a time.

The scene is a wild arena of unbridled hedonism and uninhibited libido, but it’s very far from heaven. The numbers of gay men injecting drugs in association with sexual activity have skyrocketed, and the potential implications for HIV and STD infection rates are grim. Now VICE follows up the investigation with a no-holds-barred documentary that follows the lives of men on the scene, and the efforts of 56 Dean Street, London’s only specialist chemsex support clinic, to protect them. This graphic but never sensationalist film seeks to understand the complex issues at the heart of the story.

Chemsex, dir. Will Fairman, Max Gogarty, UK 2015, 83 mins.


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