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Still: Candy


21 Oct 20067 Dec 2006

"Totally heart wrenching... thoroughly indispensable" The Big Issue
"One of the most heartbreaking films of the year * * * *" Empire
"a poetic vibe from the lurid subject matter… what it says is spoken beautifully * * * *" Film Review

Abbie Cornish: Best Actress
Geoffrey Rush: Best Actor Supporting Role
2006 Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards 

Acclaimed Australian director Neil Armfield has adapted Luke Davies' best-selling novel Candy and produced a contemporary love story of startling beauty for the screen. Abbie Cornish delivers a fearless portrayal of a young artist whose lust for life takes her to the edge. In his first film since the award-winning Brokeback Mountain, Heath Ledger breathes a sweet and tender optimism into Dan, a sometime-poet lost in love with Candy. In heroin, they find a path to limitless pleasure, but as addiction takes hold they lose the very thing they sought, and their intense and sensual world quickly begins to unravel. Lyrical, poetic, and complete with a gritty soundtrack and striking colour palette, Candy opens the door on a dream vision that will have meaning for all who have been dazzled by the beauty of the world.

Dir Neil Armfield, Australia 2005


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