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The Call of the Wild

3 Sep 2007

Is there something about the modern world which is antithetical to the human spirit, and is it possible to untether ourselves from it in any meaningful way? Beneath the world of work and routine, is there something untamed and semi-domesticated about the human animal, and is there a way in which we can begin to reconnect with our more liberated, nomadic selves? Four writers discuss the literary and political possibilities. Speakers: Jay Griffiths, author of Pip Pip and Wild: An Elemental Journey; Joanna Kavenna, author of Inglorious and The Ice Museum; Neil Boorman, author of Bonfire of the Brands. Chair: Tom Hodgkinson, editor of The Idler and author of How to Be Free.


E.g., 17-10-2017
E.g., 17-10-2017