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Pablo Fendrik, The Burning, 2014

The Burning

26 Jun 20152 Jul 2015

The Burning is a Western, set in Argentina’s Rio Paraná jungle, where the local people traditionally summon otherworldly beings in times of crisis. In the case of villagers whose land is being taken by a murderous band of mercenaries employed by a logging company, it’s the mysterious, half-naked Kaí (Bernal) who emerges from the forest to help them.

His first task is to rescue one villager, Vania (Braga, City Of God), who has been taken hostage by the thugs in an attempt to force her family to surrender their land. Her rescue accomplished, Kaí then embarks on a campaign of bloody vengeance on behalf of Vania and her fellow villagers. A steamy, visually jolting drama from rising Argentinian director Pablo Fendrik.

The Burning (El Ardor) UK trailer

The Burning, dir. Pablo Fendrik, Argentina/Mexico/Brazil/France/USA 2014, 101 mins, Spanish with English subtitles.

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