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Bred and Born + Close Up

15 Apr 200728 Apr 2007

Further exploring the concerns of moving image work in The Secret Public exhibition, a series of screenings presenting works made by artists for whom the gathering and disseminating of information has critical and political imperatives.

Both made in 1983, these films are experimental and formally radical. Bred and Born is shaped by the artists' research into and interviews with three generations of women on an estate in East London. In Close Up the polemical, disembodied voices of Nicaraguan revolutionaries become an equal part in a film that profoundly problematises representation.

Bred and Born, Dir Mary Pat Leece and Joanna Davis, UK 1983, 16mm, 75 mins
Close Up, Dir Peter Gidal, UK 1983, 16mm, 60 mins


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E.g., 22-10-2017