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Seijun Suzuki, Branded to Kill, 1967

Branded To Kill

1 Aug 20143 Aug 2014

★★★★★ Time Out
★★★★ Observer
★★★★ FT
★★★★ Telegraph
'Visceral, audacious and hysterical'. Guardian

Seijun Suzuki’s delirious 1967 hit-man film has drawn comparisons with contemporaries Le Samourai and Point Blank and influenced directors such as John Woo, Jim Jarmusch and Quentin Tarantino among others.

Branded To Kill is the story of laconic yakuza Hanada, aka ‘No. 3 Killer’, the third rated hit-man in Japan who takes an impossible job from the mysterious, death obsessed Misako. Hanada bungles the hit and finds himself the target of his employers and a bullet ridden journey leads him to face the No. 1 Killer.

Shot in cool monochrome with beguiling visuals, Branded to Kill is an effortlessly cool crime film with a jazzy score that caused director Seijun Suzuki to be fired by the studio’s executives, but is now rightly recognised as his masterpiece.

Newly restored by Arrow Films

Branded to Kill, dir. Seijun Suzuki, Japan 1967, 91 mins

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